Dalelands Beyond currently uses a modified version of Neverwinter Nights 2 Mask of the Betrayer, Storm of Zehir and the Kaedrin Custom Content Pack v1.41.1.

Custom Changes (differs from other servers):
- Disarm/Improved Disarm no longer causes the weapon owner to lose their weapon (by Kaedrin)
- Guttural Invocations requires 13 Wisdom
- Living Undeath (cleric spell) has been disabled
- The following spells are no longer persistable -> Clairaudience & Clairvoyance, Haste, Expeditious Retreat, Divine Favor, Body of the Sun, Vigor, Lesser Vigor, Mass Lesser Vigor, Vigorous Cycle
- Swiftblade no longer receives bonuses due to Haste
- Swiftblade is now 5/10 spellcasting progression
- Swiftblade, Forest Master, Canaith Lyrist, Champion of the Wild, Eldritch Disciple, Dragon Disciple and Heartwarder require application & DM approval
- Greater Dispel has cap of 25 instead of 15
- The Dead Walk invocation summons appropriate creatures for Fey Warlocks instead of undead
- Word of Changing shapeshifts to Pixie form instead of Horned Devil for Fey Warlocks
- Summon Creature spell is now minute/level instead of round/level
- Intuitive Attack is capped at maximum bonus of 4 for non-pure monks (only pure Monk characters can benefit completely from this feat)
- Cleric spellbook no longer has access to Blessing of the Righteous, Lesser Energized Shield, Energized Shield, Flame of Faith, Shield of Warding, Undead Bane Weapon, Weapon of the Deity, Weapon of Energy
- Sirine's Grace, Plant Body, and Spirit of the spells have been disabled
- Ranger is granted normal Hide in Plain Sight (shadowdancer version) at level 14
- Shadowdancer is granted Shadow Copy feat at level 5
- Winter Wolf and White Tiger have been added as Ranger/Druid animal companions
- Eilistraee can now have Rangers
- Corellon Larethian can now have Paladins
- Five new deities (place holder for later)
- Druid no longer gains free Ember Guard
- Daring Outlaw is capped at 5 levels of Swashbuckler for sneak attack stacking
- Wildshape no longer heals upon use

For more information and individual updates see Forums: Custom Changes

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