Starting Point and Development from Here

Dalelands started in 1374. There are 4 in game-days to every real day, so it's a little bit further on now (1377 as of writing).

The IC history up til 1374 was exactly the same as the campaign lore. From this point, the future is based on what the players do (see here)

About the death of Gods

See here. Staff will never single handily nor kill off a god through event(s) planned only by us.

If a God dies, it will be due to player interaction.

The order of operations (should it ever occur)

1. Followers of god A wish through a series of epic events to kill god B. First they must contact staff
2. We post a discussion as a death of a god would or could effect many players
3. if the players give it the go-ahead, we make a series of epic events which will succeed or fail depending on what players do.

This will probably never pass discussions by the way. But staff will never force this no matter what future lore says.

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