Glamerie Windbough - Shadowdale Hight Harvestmistress of Chauntea in the House of Plenty

The current leader of the Chaunteans in Shadowdale is High Harvestmisrress Glamerie Windbough (NG Human Female Priestess), a calm introspective woman who sees all things as passing in cycles, like the seasons of the year, including the Zhentarim occupation.

She spends a lot of time hearing the complaints of the dalesfok and attempting to soothe their anger and fears. She also meets regularly with the commanders of the Zhentarim army, who tolerate the Temple of Chauntea, called The House of Plenty, as long as it can encourage bumper harvests. Some see her as a collaborator, others believe she is working to preserve the Dale and its people until the day comes it can be liberated from the tyranny of the Black Network.

Glamerie has two assistants of 6th level and the remaining 14 priests are of lst-3rd level. In addition, there are 36 women and men who service as lay followers and help in the garden.