These are the basics. The Gods and Domains are as described in the FR 3.5 Faiths and Pantheons or FR Wiki: deities. Other domains where Domains available IG have been listedin bold

Note: These Gods are generally given their pre-Spellplague status as the Spellplague is unlikely to happen on Daleland Beyond.

Humans and Planestouched clerics can choose any God from the General pantheon that fits with their alignment. The unhuman races can choose any from the General Pantheon but also from their own specific pantheon.

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The Overlord

AO (FR Wiki)

This God is remote and uninterested.

There are no divine casters of Ao as he does not give anyone power.

Greater gods (incl 4 Primordials)

Greater Monster Gods are here.

Alignment of God is in brackets after the name.

Domains that are available In Game are in Bold.

Akadi (N) Primordial; FR Wiki

The Lady of Air, Lady of the Winds, Queen of Air

Domains: Air, Illusion, Travel, Trickery

Bane (LE) FR Wiki
The Black Lord, the Black Hand, the Lord of Darkness

Domains: Destruction, Evil, Hatred, Law, Tyranny, War

Chauntea (NG) FR Wiki
Bhalla, Earthmother, The Great Mother, the Grain Goddess

Domains: Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, Renewal

Cyric (CE) FR Wiki Note: includes Leira's power

Prince of Lies, the Dark Sun, the Black Sun

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Illusion, Trickery

Grumbar (N) Primordial FR Wiki

Earthlord, King of the Land Below the Roots

Domains: Cavern, Earth, Metal, Time

Horus-Re (LG )(FR Wiki; Mulhorandi)

Lord of the Sun, Master of Vengeance, Ruler of Mulhorand, Pharaoh of the Gods

Domains: Good, Law, Nobility, Retribution, Sun

Istishia (N) Primordial; see here
The Water Lord, King of the Water Elementals

Domains: Destruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel, Water

Kelemvor (LN) FR Wiki
Lord of the Dead, Judge of the Damned

Domains: Death, Fate, Law, Repose, Protection, Travel

Kossuth (N) Primordial; FR wiki
The Lord of Flames, the Firelord

Domains: Destruction, Fire, Renewal, Suffering

Lathander (NG) later known as AMAUNATOR FR Wiki
The Morninglord

Domains: Good, Nobility, Protection, Renewal, Strength, Sun

Mystra (NG) (FR Wiki 1 and FR Wiki 2, post 1358)
The Lady of Mysteries, the Mother of All Magic

Domains: Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell

Oghma (N) FR Wiki
The Lord of Knowledge, Binder of What is Known

Domains: Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery

Shar (NE) FR Wiki
Mistress of the Night, Lady of Loss, Dark Goddess, Nightsinger

Domains: Cavern, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge

Silvanus (N) FR Wiki
Oak Father, the Forest Father, Treefather

Domains: Animal, Plant, Protection, Renewal, Water

Sune (CG) FR Wiki
Firehair, Lady Firehair

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Good, Protection

Talos (CE) FR Wiki
The Destroyer, the Storm Lord

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Storm

Tempus (CN) FR Wiki
Lord of Battles, Foehammer

Domains: Chaos, Protection, Strength, War

Tyr (LG) (FR Wiki)
The Even-Handed, the Maimed God, the Just God

Domains: Good, Knowledge, Law, Retribution, War

Ubtao (N) FR Wiki

Creator of Chult, Founder of Mezro, Father of the Dinosaurs, The Deceiver

Domains: Planning, Plant, Protection, Scalykin

Intermediate Deities

Beshaba (CE) FR Wiki

Lady Doom, The Maid of Misfortune

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Fate, Luck, Trickery

Gond (N) FR Wiki
Wonderbringer, Lord of All Smiths

Domains: Craft, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Metal, Planning

Helm (LN) FR Wiki
The Great Guard, The Watcher, The Vigilant One

Domains: Law, Planning, Protection, Strength

Ilmater (LG) FR Wiki
The Crying God, the Broken God, The Lord on the Rack, The One Who Endures

Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Strength, Suffering

Isis (NG) (FR Wiki) [NOT IG]


Bountiful Lady, Lady of All Love, Mistress of Weather, Lady of Rivers, Mistress of Enchantment

Domains: Family, Good, Magic, Storm, Water

Lolth (CE) (Drow Deity; all divine casters must be female) FR Wiki
Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Destruction, Drow, Trickery

Loviatar (LE) FR Wiki
Maiden of Pain, the Willing Whip

Domains: Evil, Law, Retribution, Strength, Suffering

Mask (NE) FR Wiki

Master of All Thieves, Lord of Shadows, The Lurking Lord

Domains: Darkness, Evil, Luck, Trickery

Mielikki (NG) FR Wiki
Our Lady of the Forest, the Forest Queen, The Supreme Ranger

Domains: Animal, Good, Plant, Travel

Selûne (CG) FR Wiki
Our Lady of Silver, the Moonmaiden

Domains: Chaos, Good, Moon, Protection, Travel

Torm (LG) (Later Greater Deity) FR Wiki
The Loyal Fury

Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength

Tymora (CG) FR Wiki
Lady Luck, the Lady Who Smiles, Our Smiling Lady

Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, Travel

Umberlee (CE)

FR Wiki
The Bitch Queen, Queen of the Depths Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Ocean, Storm, Water

Lesser Deities

Auril (NE) FR Wiki

The Cold Goddess, The Frostmaiden, Icedawn, The Queen of Air and Darkness

Domains: Air, Cold, Evil, Storm, Winter

Azuth (LN) FR Wiki
The High One, Patron of Mages, Lord of Spells

Domains: Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Law, Spell

Deneir (NG) FR Wiki

Lord of All Glyphs and Images, The Scribe of Oghma

Domains: Good, Knowledge, Protection, Rune

Eldath (NG) FR Wiki

Goddess of Singing Waters, Mother Guardian of Groves, the Green Goddess

Domains: Family, Good, Plant, Protection, Water

Lliira (CG) FR Wiki
Our Lady of Joy, Joybringer, Mistress of the Revels

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Family, Good, Travel

Malar (CE) FR Wiki
The Beastlord, the Black-Blooded Pardl

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Evil, Moon, Strength

Milil (NG) FR Wiki

Lord of Song, Guardian of Singers and Troubadours, the One True Hand of All-Wise Oghma

Domains: Charm, Good, Knowledge, Nobility

Shaundakul (CN) FR Wiki
Rider of the Winds, the Helping Hand

Domains: Air, Chaos, Portal, Protection, Trade, Travel

Talona (CE) FR Wiki
Lady of Poison, Mistress of Disease, Mother of All Plagues

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Suffering

Tiamat (LE) FR Wiki

The Avaricious, The Dragon Queen, Nemesis of the Gods

Domains: Evil, Law, Scalykind, Tyranny

Uthgar (CN)

FR Wiki
Father of the Uthgardt, Battle Father

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Retribution, Strength, War

Waukeen (N) FR Wiki

Merchant's Friend

Domains: Balance, Knowledge, Protection, Trade, Travel


Finder Wyvernspur (CN) (FR Wiki)

The Nameless Bard

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Renewal, Scalykind

Garagos (CN) (FR Wiki)
The Reaver, Master of All Weapons, Lord of War

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War

Gargauth (LE) FR Wiki
The Tenth Lord of Nine, the Lost Lord of the Pit, the Hidden Lord

Domains: Charm, Evil, Law, Trickery

Gwaeron Windstrom (NG) FR Wiki
Master of Tracking, the Tracker Who Never Goes Astray

Domains: Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Travel

Hoar (LN) FR Wiki
The Doombringer, Lord of Three Thunders

Domains: Fate, Law, Retribution, Travel

Jergal (LN) FR Wiki

Lord of the End of Everything, Scribe of the Doomed, the Pitiless One, The Forgotten One

Domains: Death, Fate, Law, Repose, Rune, Suffering

Lurue (CG) FR Wiki
The Unicorn, the Unicorn Queen, the Queen of Talking Beasts

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Good, Healing

Nobanion (LG) FR Wiki
Lord Firemane, King of the Beasts

Domains: Animal, Good, Law, Nobility

Red Knight (LN) FR Wiki

Lady of Strategy, Grandmaster of the Lanceboard

Domains: Law, Nobility, Planning, War

Savras (LN) FR Wiki
The All-Seeing, Lord of Divination, He of the Third Eye

Domains: Fate, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Spell

Sharess (CG) FR Wiki
The Dancing Lady, Mother of Cats

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Good, Travel, Trickery

Shiallia (NG)

FR Wiki
The Golden, Dancer in the Glades, Daughter of the High Forest, the Lady of the Woods, Sister Goddess Domains: Animal, Good, Plant, Renewal

Siamorphe (LN) FR Wiki

The Divine Right

Domains: Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Planning

Ulutiu (LN) FR Wiki
The Lord in the Ice, the Eternal Sleeper, Father of the Giants' Kin

Domains: Animal, Cold, Law, Ocean, Protection, Strengh

Valkur (CG) FR Wiki
The Mighty, Captain of the Waves

Domains: Air, Chaos, Good, Ocean, Protection, Storm

Velsharoon (NE) FR Wiki
The Vaunted, Archmage of Necromancy, Lord of the Forsaken Crypt

Domains: Death, Evil, Magic, Undeath

Drow Deities

Eilistraee (CG) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki The Dark Maiden, Lady of the Dance

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Drow, Elf, Good, Moon, Portal

Ghaunadaur (CE) [Demi-God] FR Wiki

Domains: Cavern, Chaos, Drow, Evil, Hatred, Slime

Kiaransalee (CE) [Demi-God] FR Wiki

Lady of the Dead, The Revenancer, The Vengeful Banshee

Domains: Chaos, Drow, Evil, Retribution, Undeath

Lolth (CE) [Intermediate then Greater Deity] FR Wiki Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits

Domains: Chaos, Drow, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Spider, Trickery

Selvetarm (CE) [Demi-God] FR Wiki

The Spider that Waits, Lolth's Champion

Domains: Chaos, Drow, Evil, Spider, War

Vhaerun / Vhaeraun (CE) [Lesser God] FR Wiki

The Masked Lord, The Masked God of Night, The Shadow

Domains: Chaos, Drow, Evil, Travel, Trickery

Zinzerena [Demi-God; deceased] (FR Wiki)

Dwarf Deities ( the Morndinsamman)

Abbathor (NE) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Avaricious, great Master of Greed, Trove Lord, Wyrm of Avarice

Domains: Dwarf, Evil, Luck, Trade, Trickery

Berronar Truesilver (LG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Revered Mother, Mother of Safety

Domains: Dwarf, Family, Good, Healing, Law, Protection

Clangeddin Silverbeard (LG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Dather of Battle, The Giantkiller, The Goblinbane, Lord of the Twin Axes, The Rock of Battle, The Wyrmslayer

Domains: Dwarf, Good, Law, Strength, War

Dugmaren Brightmantle (CG) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

The Errant Explorer, The Gleam in the Eye, The Wandering Tinker

Domains: Chaos, Craft, Dwarf, Good, Knowledge, Rune

Dumathoin (CG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki NWN2 wiki

Domains: Cavern, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Knowledge, Metal, Protection

Gorm Gulthyn (LG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

Fire Eyes, Lord of the Nronze Mask, The Eternally Vigilent

Domains: Dwarf, Good, Law, Protection, War

Haela Brightaxe (CG) [Demi-power] FR Wiki

Lady of the Fray, Luckmaiden

Domains: Chaos, Dwarf, Good, Luck, War

Marthammor Duin (NG) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

Finder-of-Trails, Watcher over Wanderers, the Watchful Eye

Domains: Dwarf, Good, Protection, Travel

Moradin (LG) [Greater Deity] FR Wiki

All-Father, The Creator, Dwarffather, Soul Forger

Domains: Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Protection

Sharindlar (CG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Dwarf, Good, Healing, Moon

Thard Harr (CG) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

The Lord of the Jungle Deeps

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Dwarf , Good, Plant

Vergadain (N) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Laughing Dwarf, Merchant King, The Short Father

Domains: Dwarf, Luck, Trade, Trickery

Deep Duerra, (LE) [Demi-God] FR Wiki

Queen of the Invisible Art, Axe Princess of Conquest

Domains: Dwarf, Evil, Law, Mentalism, War

Laduguer (LE) [Intermediate Deity of Duergar ] FR Wiki

The Exile, the Grey Protector, Master of crafts

Domains: Craft, Dwarf, Evil, Law, Magic, Metal, Protection

Elven Deities

Aerdrie Faenya (CG) [Intermediate Deity] (FR Wiki)

Queen of the Avariel, The Winged Mother

Domains: Air, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Good, Storms

Angharradh (CG) [Greater Deity] FR Wiki

Queen of Arvandor, The Truine Goddess

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Renewal

Corellon Larethion (CG) [Greater Deity] FR Wiki

Coronal of Arvandor, Creator of the Elves, First of the Seldarine, Preserver of Life, The Protector, Ruler of all the Elves

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Good, Magic, Protection, War

Deep Sashelas (CG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki [not In Game]

Lord of the Undersea, the Dolphin Prince

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Ocean, Water

Erevan Ilesere (CN) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki NWN2 Wiki

The Trickster, The Chameleon

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Luck, Trickery

Fenmarel Mestarine CN[Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

The Lone Wolf

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Elf, Plant, Travel

Hanali Celanil CG [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Heart of Gold, Winsome Rose, Lady Goldheart

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Elf, Good, Magic, Protection

Labelas Enoreth CG [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Lifegiver, Lord of the Continuum, The One-Eyed God, The Philospher, The Sage at Sunset

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Time

Rillifane Rallathil CG [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Leaflord, The Wild One, The Great Oak, The Many-Branches, The Many-Limbed, The Old Man of the Yuirwood

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, Protection

Sehanine Moonbow CG [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

Daughter of the Night Skies, Goddess of Moonlight, Lady of Dreams, The Luminous Cloud, The Lunar Lady, Moonlit Mystery, The Mystic Seer

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Moon, Travel

Shevarash CN [Demi-God] FR Wiki

The Black Archer, The Night Hunter

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Retribution, War

Solonor Thelandira (CG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Forest Hunter, The Great Archer

Domains: Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, War

Gnome Deities

Baervan Wildwanderer (NG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

Father of Fish and Fungus, The Forest Gnome, The Masked Leaf

Domains: Animal, Gnome, Good, Plant, Travel

Baravar Cloakshadow (NG) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

The Sly One, Master of Illusion, Lord In Disguise

Domains: Gnome, Good, Illusion, Protection, Trickery

Callarduran Smoothhands (N) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki Mostly Snirfveblin

Deep Brother, Master of Stone, Lord of Deepearth

Domains: Cavern, Craft, Earth, Gnome

Flandal Steelskin (NG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

Master of Metal, The Great Steelsmith

Domains: Craft, Gnome, Good, Metal

Gaerdal Ironhand (LG) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

The Stern, Shield of the Golden Hills

Domains: Gnome, Good, Law, Protection, War

Garl Glittergold (LG) [Greater Deity] FR Wiki

The Joker, The Priceless Gem, The Sparkling Wit, The Watchful Protector

Domains: Craft, Gnome, Good, Law, Protection, Trickery

Segojan Earthcaller (NG) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

Earthfriend, Lord of the Barrow

Domains: Cavern, Earth, Gnome, Good

Urdlen (CE) [Intermediate Deity] FR Wiki

The Crawler Below

Domains: Chaos, Earth, Evil, Gnome, Hatred

Halfling Deities

Arvoreen (LG) [Intermediate Deity] (FR Wiki)

The Defender, The Vigilant Guardian, The Wary Sword

Domains: Good, Halfling, Law, Protection, War

Brandobaris (N) [Lesser Deity] (FR Wiki)

The Irrepressible Scamp, Master of Stealth

Domains: Halfling, Luck, Travel, Trickery

Cyrrollalee (LG) [Intermediate Deity] (FR Wiki) The Hand of Fellowship, The Hearthkeeper

Domains: Family, Good, Halfling, Law

Sheela Peryroyl (N) [Intermediate Deity] (FR Wiki)

Green Sister, Watchful Mother

Domains: Air, Charm, Halfling, Plant

Urogalan (LN) [Demi-God] (FR Wiki)

He Who Must Be, The Black Hound, Lord in the Earth, The Protector, The Shaper

Domains: Death, Earth, Halfling, Law, Protection, Repose

Yondalla (LG) [Greater Deity] (FR Wiki)

The Protector and Provider, The Nurturing Matriarch, The Blessed One

Domains: Family, Good, Halfling, Law, Protection

Orc Deities

Bahgtru (CE) [Lesser Deity]FR Wiki

The Strong, The Leg Breaker, the Son of Gruumsh

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Orc, Strength

Gruumsh One-Eye (CE) [Greater Deity] FR Wiki of Orcs and Orogs; enemy to Corellon)

He Who Never SLeeps, He Who Watches, The One-Eyed God

Cavern, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Orcs, Strength, War

Ilneval (NE) [Lesser Deity] (FR Wiki)

The Horde Leader, The War Maker, The Lieutenant of Gruumsh

Domains: Destruction, Evil, Orc, Planning, War

Luthic (NE) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

The Cave Mother, The Blood Moon Witch

Domains: Cavern, Earth, Evil, Family, Healing, Orc

Shargaas (CE) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

The Night Lord, The Blade in the Darkness, The Stalker Below

Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Orc, Trickery

Yurtrus (NE) [Lesser Deity] FR Wiki

White Hnads, The Lord of Maggots, The Rotting One

Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Orc, Suffering

Yuan-ti Deities

Sseth (CE) [Greater Deity]FR Wiki

Merrshaulk, The Slitherer Supreme, The Great Snake, The World Serpent, The Sibilant Death

Domains: Air, Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Planning, Scalykind, Trickery

Mulhorandi Deities

There are a number of Mulhorandi deities worshipped also in Thay and Unther. See here for more information.

Gods include: Anhur, Geb, Hathor, Horus-Re, Isis, Nephthys, Osiris, Sebek, Set and Thoth.

Goddess Leira (Deceased)

Leira can be taken but her worshippers' power is actually granted through Cyric.

Leira (CN) [Deceased, special] FR Wiki

The Guardian of Liars, Lady of the Mists, The Lady of Deception, The Mistshadow, The Mist Maiden, Mother of Illusionists

Domains: Deception, Illusion, Mists, Shadow

Major Monster Deities

Annam All-Father (Greater Deity of Giants)

For more Giant Deities look here Asgorath (Greater Deity of Dragons) Great Mother (Greater Deity of Beholders)

Asgorath (Greater Creator Deity of the Dragons)

Ilsensine (Greater Deity of Mind-Flayers)

Maglubiyet (Demi-Power, formerly Greater Deity of Goblins and Hobgoblins)

Null (Draconic Deity of Death and Undeath)

Sseth (Greater Deity of the Yuan-ti)

Tiamat (Lesser Deity of Evil Dragons)
The Dragon Queen, Nemesis of the Gods, the Dark Lady

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Evil, Law, Scalykind, Strength, Tyranny

Changes to the Gods as Time Passes

Note: As time goes on and especially after the Spellplague, which is very unlikely to happen on Dalelands Beyond, certain gods become more or less powerful and some die outright

Asmodeus (becomes greater deity of the Nine Hells)

Azuth (deceased)

Eilistraee (Deceased)

Ghaunadaur (becomes greater deity of abominations)

Erevan Ilesere (becaomes Exarch of Corellon)

Kiaransalee (deceased Drow Goddess of Necromancy)

Lolth (becomes greater deity of drow)

Maglubiyet (from greater deity of goblins and hobgoblins to Exarch of Bane)

Mask (Deceased)

Mystra (Deceased)

Savras (Deceased)

Selune (from Intermediate to Greater Deity)

Torm (from Lesser to Intermediate to Greater Deity)

Tyr (Deceased)

Selvetarm (Deceased Demi-God of the Drow)

Vhaerun (Deceased Drow God)


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