Chauntea, the Earth Mother, Grain Goddess or the Great Mother is the goddess of life, she is seen as being the embodiment of the earth and all things agrarian. She is a goddess of agriculture, plants cultivated by humans, farmers and gardeners.

Some of her worshipers claim that her divine glimmer gave life to the natural world, and some contend that she is the creator and source of all mortal races. In some sense Chauntea is the manifestation of the earth itself, the Avatar of the twin worlds Abeir-Toril. Her most despised enemy is Talona, the lady of pestilence, since she has a disposition to wreak suffering, disease and decay upon the natural world.

The Temple of Chauntea in Shadowdale is called The House of Plenty, conducted by the High Harvestmistress Glamerie Windbough.


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