This is a list of feats that are broken Atari side and you may wish to avoid using

Fiendish Legacy
Fiendish Presence
Expert tactician
Uncanny Dodge
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Improved Disarm
- this feat is of no worth over regular Disarm due to our server implementation of the feat
Practiced Spellcaster - this feat can be used to raise caster level above the character level, and beyond caster level 30 if prestige classes are used that lose less than 4 levels overall. Taking this feat to raise your Caster level above 30 is considered an exploit on our server and not allowed. Due to our levelling rules (no new class after level 20), it will be obvious if you will be in breach of this. You will be asked to replace this feat with another if you are found to be in one of these situations.

Using this in conjunction with full Spellcaster Prestige Classes and no "Dead Caster Levels" to get an additional +4 Caster levels is likely frowned upon as well.

Broken items
Anything with darkvision
Anything with spell resistance

Spell Resistance items "work" - but after one spell. Resisted or not. The SR goes to 0, and must be re-equipped before they function again.

[copied from a post by Buce and The Tarot]

Note also: Craft Wonderous Items has no use on this server at this time.

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